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Definition: The officer who commands all the armed forces of a country or all its forces in a particular area.

* All nine elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary.

2. Recognized by national and international law - the country's citizens and other nationals - as the C-in-C.

3. Obeyed by the military leaders. (To emphasize.) (Let the Marshals, Generals, Admirals, etc. and the politicians keep their respect!)

VETERAN OR DRAFT DODGER! (not necessarily a head of state, etc.)

4. Never involved in the thick of military activities (= battle).

5. Person is patriotic, loyal and is a full citizen of the country whose armed forces members he or she 'commands'.

6. Person has some knowledge and/or experience and/or understanding of the military. That is, intelligent enough to appreciate military briefs (or advice), understands civil-military dynamics and is therefore able to take sound, reasonable and informed decisions.

PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED OR NOT. (civilian or member of the armed forces)

7. Not a warmonger! (Connect to #6.)

8. (Reserved.)(Does not have dual citizenship!)

9. Command, that is, orders given by the 'big boss', be this meaningful or 'meaningless', serves purpose(s).

POPULAR OR UNPOPULAR LEADER/DESPOT. (in peacetime or wartime)

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