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Comfort women

Definition: (history) Forced prostitutes.

* All thirteen elements would, so sadly, be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary ... for the patrons ('rapists'(?)).

2. Not 'cheap' lays. That is, will struggle before succumbing.

3. Cannot perform optimally, so, not likely to easily climax.

4. Gets no pecuniary benefits or unable to negotiate prices.

5. Never free or in a position to run away from the ordeal.

6. Not relatives, or relations, of those their so-called lovers.

7. Will not disclose erogenous zones or initiate 'moves'.

8. No pregnancies, wanted or unwanted; not 'discomfort'.

9. Serves purpose(s), as desired, by the 'beasts' only.

10. Never forgets trauma or remembers studs and flops.

11. Not (yet) apologized to but still demanding same.

12. Do not pass an infection or diseases to the men.

13. Can have no opportunities to practice safe sex.

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