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Comedown (1)

Definition: (informal) A situation in which a person is not as important as before, or does not get as much respect from other people.

* All nine elements would be in.

1. Purposeful - the lessening of respect, even if thought unnecessary.

2. New status and subsequent less important treatment is justified in the opinion of former admirers.

3. Person knows that he or she is deserving of shabby treatment or of becoming less important, whether committed mistakes or oversights are declared or not. That is, cause(s) of situation is/are known.

4. Person will be deliberately and legitimately trying to earn back position of importance, respect and/or trust. That is, 'reject' craves recognition again.

5. Person offered no apology for what caused situation. Or apology tendered, if any, was rejected.

6. Situation does not involve a direct humiliation of the person, especially in public (to emphasize).

7. No physicality is involved in the situation. That is, disrespect is not shown by touching, shoving, pushing, etc. (Connect to #6.)

8. Situation lasts for appropriate period in the opinion of person whose importance was lessened.

9. Situation achieves objective(s) for the former followers. And person 'humiliated' learns some lesson(s). (Connect to #4.)

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