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Coitus interruptus

Definition: An act of sexual intercourse in which the man removes his penis from the woman's body before he ejaculates, in order to prevent the woman from becoming pregnant.

* All ten elements should be in.

1. Purposeful (see definition, to emphasize, connect to #10).

2. Considered a necessity to avoid a pregnancy, especially from the man's point of view.

3. Penis was in the appropriate part of her body! (Connect to #4).

4. Penis was inside - whatever the size or length! (To reemphasize!)

5. Intercourse before the 'break' was enjoyed by both the man and the woman. That is, he got to the G-spot and tarried awhile, before exit.

... WITH OR WITHOUT A CONDOM !? (See perfect CLIMAX (3).)

6. Removal is timed to perfection. That is, no possibility of his semen trickling in to meet waiting eggs.

7. Act or action is pleasing and agreed to by woman (connect to #2).

8. Man ejaculated on coming out, but not in anywhere near or close to the vaginal opening (connect to #6).

9. Semen deposited outside is not collected or collectable by the woman for later use, storage or 'banking' that might result in an 'unwanted pregnancy'.

10. The woman 'came', just before onanism !! (A 'win-win' situation?)


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