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Cods wallop

Definition: (British) Foolish nonsense.

* All eight elements would be in.

1. What is foolish nonsense is specific and identifiable. MESS.

2. Extent of the (a) mess will be measurable or assessable. FLOP.

3. Whatever has been adjudged a flop will be inexcusable. TRASH.

4. The trash will be completely unusable, and so useless. BUNKUM.

5. Situation or circumstance couldn't have been prepared for. RUBBISH.

6. Rubbish continues for only a very brief period of time. WASHOUT.

7. A correction and/or an amendment will not be possible. BULLSHIT.

8. Results in a considerable loss for those concerned. BALDERDASH.
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Condemnable. 'Double jeopardy'. Wishy-washy. Nincompoop. Unreasonable.

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