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Definition: (psychology) A situation in which two people have a close relationship in which they rely too much on each other emotionally, usually when one person is caring for the other one.

* All eleven elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and considered a necessity by both.

2. Not sensuous or strictly, seriously physical.

3. Understanding is excellent between the two persons. That is, they may disagree but won't quarrel, either may be disappointed but won't begrudge, one may be depraved but won't mock the other.

4. Care given is of the appropriate kind.

5. Respect between both persons is mutual, constant and sure.

6. Communication is excellent: two-way, sincere and honest.

7. Closeness is simple but impregnable. That is, relationship is not complex and no one can come in between the two people in the union.

8. No secret between the two persons (to emphasize).

9. No complaints at any time from either of the persons in the relationship.

10. No period of sustained absence by either of the persons in the relationship (to emphasize, see definition).

11. Union (= codependency) serves purpose(s).

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