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Coal miner

Definition: A person whose job is digging coal in a coal mine.

* All ten elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary (see perfect BREADWINNER (1)).

2. Dressed rightly when going into pit (see perfect CHEAPNESS (3)).

3. Goes inside pit with the right tools (see perfect EQUIPMENT(1)).

4. Never goes inside pit alone or without authorization (see perfect RIGHT (1)).

5. Inside the mine with the correct communication equipment (see perfect PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEM).

6. Person has a comprehensive private insurance policy, in addition to company's (= employer's) group cover! (see perfect VOLITION).

7. Has a will (= testament) (see perfect TOMORROW (1)).

8. Person is well-paid (see perfect TAKE-HOME PAY).

9. Worker achieves objective(s), that is, he or she gets coal to dig inside the mine! (see perfect RAW MATERIAL).

10. Will come out of mine alive and well! (see perfect DREAM JOB).


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