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Clothes line

Definition: (British English) A piece of thin rope or wire, attached to posts, that you hang clothes on to dry outside after you have washed them.

* All ten elements should be in.

1. Purposeful (connect to #8).

2. Necessity to have clothes spread outside to be dried.

3. Distance (height) or clearance from the ground is adequate.

4. Rope or wire is clean and neat (and not freshly painted).

5. Posts are solidly fixed in the ground. That is, posts are not shaky or likely to fall as a result of winds, storms, etc.

6. Rope or wire is taut - not likely to weaken or be disconnected as a result of the weight of materials put on it.

7. Line is appropriately positioned - not under a shade, whenever the sun rises or directly in the path of inclement weather!

8. (Reserved.) (Not 'overcrowded'. That is, spacing on it will be adequate or appropriate for the clothes to dry quickly and fully.)

9. Line serves purpose(s), that is, adequate space is available on rope or wire to dry clothes on.

10. Line is monitored or protected, especially when clothes are on it!


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