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Closeness (3)

Definition: The condition of knowing somebody very well and liking them very much.

* All eleven elements should be in.

1. Purposeful - the knowing, and necessary - the liking.

2. No secret(s) is/are kept from this person. That is, true talks or honest communication takes place between the parties (connect to #3).

3. Nothing unknown about this person. That is, the whole past and the present engagements of this person are known to the 'friend'.

4. Person's actions or inaction, comments and remarks, thoughts and aspirations, etc. can be accurately guessed.

5. No envy or jealousy between the subject liked and the person liking. And no unreasonable competition!

6. No lying to or misleading or cheating the person liked.

7. Support, encouragement, etc. is never withheld from the person that is well-known and well-liked. That is, person's interests will always be protected by the one having much liking.

8. No third party can come in between the parties. That is, disagreements, if any, would be settled, 'in-house', by the persons in close relationship, without an external involvement.

9. No fear in the presence of or when away from the person well-known and much liked: no distrust or disbelief or doubts! (Connect to #7.)

10. Constantly and positively and fondly thought of. That is, person well-known or much liked is never 'far away'.

11. Knowledge and liking or fondness serves purpose(s).

.. and VICE VERSA ?

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