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i. The exchange of goods and services for political support, often involving an implicit or explicit quid-pro-quo.

ii. The exchange of votes for favours, over a long period of time, among actors with asymmetric power, the clients having little power.

iii. A social order which depends on relations of patronage.

iv. Relationship between individuals with unequal economic and social status ("the boss" and his "clients") that entails the reciprocal exchange of goods and services.

* All eight elements would be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary for the stakeholders on both sides.

2. Arrangement would be freely entered into by all the parties.

3. No negotiations to determine value or worth of items take place.

4. No complaints will be had afterwards, or as aftermath of a deal.

5. The timing or period of exchanges would suit all and sundry.

6. Status and/or positions will be unchangeable (to emphasize).

7. A group, society, etc. will remain stable; act serves purpose(s).

8. Order or relationship lasts as long as fundamentals are the same.


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