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Definition: The work of making the inside of a house, etc. clean.

* All ten elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary.

2. Areas and places to be cleaned are identified.

3. Necessary preparations to be made before start of process are all made appropriately - collection of materials, packing or shifting or removal of items, arrangement or rearrangements, etc.

4. Materials or substances to be applied, if any, on place to be cleaned, such as soap, foam, spray, water, etc. are appropriately applied.

5. Relevant action required - a brush, wipe, swap, spray, lick, tear, cut, sweep, etc. - is undertaken.

6. Action taken is in the appropriate measure and lasts for the right duration, whether seconds, minutes or hours! (Connect to #5.)

7. Result or outcome of action is what is obtained. (Otherwise, action is repeated, more effectively, until goal is achieved.)

8. Area that has been cleaned is adequately protected afterwards - by a cover/covering, change, shift or replacement, etc., as applicable.

9. No injury, damage or unplanned loss for the cleaner and/or equipment used, from the process of getting place cleaned.

10. Action serves purpose(s).


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