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Definition: A person who is not a member of the armed forces or the police.

* All eleven elements should be in.

1. Person has a purpose - as a human being!

2. Has no desire to join the armed forces or police. And does not prevent or discourage a person who wants to join up for military service or police duties.

3. Responsible citizen, fulfilling all his or her civic duties.

4. Never had a paramilitary training and/or experience, either by choice or conscription.

5. Does not bear a grudge against a member of the armed forces or police. Or against the system!

6. (Reserved.) (Bears no name/moniker, sings no song, wears no clothing, shoes, etc. that has any bearing/resemblance with military/police titles and ranks or wares, etc.!)


7. Respects himself or herself - and by extension members of the armed forces and police. (And gets respected in return.)

8. Person is not a retired or discharged or disengaged service or police personnel (to emphasize).

9. Will on no account, bear arms against the members of the armed forces and police of his or her country.

10. Never agrees to be a soldier of fortune! (Connect to #9.)

11. Serves purpose(s), especially in a time of war.


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