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Definition: The conversion of individuals to Christianity or the conversion of entire groups at once. It may also refer to the forced imposition of a Christian society.

Quote: "When a person becomes a Christian, it is no longer a priority to listen to the world. It is no longer a priority to care what the world may think. Everything changes. The world looks completely different. All of the temporal pleasures of this world become less enjoyable because a greater joy has been found. Thus you place your fingers in your ears, for you no longer care about the world's opinion, and you run like a lunatic crying, Life! Life! Eternal Life!!". - John Bunyan (1628-1688).

* All ten elements would be in.

1. Believed purposeful and necessary by the parties involved.

2. One who converts the other is a true born-again Christian.

3. Nothing material or worldly is given in the course of conversion.

4. No denomination will be promoted as the preferred point of entry.

5. All the activities engaged in by convert(s) are Bible-based.

6. Other faith(s) or one converted from won't be condemned.

7. Forceful creation can't or won't be legalized by the authorities.

8. Duties or privileges that convert(s) get will be distinguishable.

9. Act achieves goal(s), in the opinion of those concerned.

10. Each new convert, not who aided conversion, make Heaven.


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