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Definition: (idiomatic - beggars can't be choosers) A person who can make a choice over what he/she wants and will not be satisfied with only what is available.

* All eight elements would be in.

* See perfect CHOOSINESS.

Quote: "Once you choose hope, anything is possible". - Christopher Reeves.

1. Person knows exactly what he or she desires, needs or wants - will not ordinarily change his or her mind!

2. Will demand for more and/or all options available, if necessary. (Connect to #1, to emphasize.)

NO REVISITING A REJECT (whatever is picked).

3. Has the wherewithal to obtain object of choice and/or to make desired improvements or amendments, if necessary, on what has been decided to be picked.

4. Will tolerate or cope with choice when secured (connect to #8).

NO SUBSTITUTE, PLEASE (whatever the purpose).

5. Well-behaved when his or her exact like is not readily available. That is, person will not throw a tantrum if desire is not obtainable.

6. Will reject a condition or conditions being attached to pick (unless the condition(s) is/are fully acceptable to this person).

NO REPLACEMENT ALLOWED (whatever the costs).

7. Makes correct use of choice. That is, selection is applied appropriately and serves purpose(s).

8. Choice was not influenced by another person.

NEVER SETTLES FOR LESS (whatever the time).

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