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Definition: (informal) A person who likes chocolate very much and eats a lot of it.

* All seven elements should be in.

1. Person commits no illegalities or atrocities in pursuit of desire.

2. Exhibits no tantrums if or when flavour of choice is unavailable.

3. No ill health or medical problems arise from overindulgence.

4. Does not run into debts in the course of sustaining liking.


5. Person does not replace regular meals with chocs! (To emphasize.)

6. 'Sweet tooth' is an 'all-comer'. That is, person is not choosy when it comes to the type of choc to be bought, accepted or stolen, and eaten (to emphasize, connect to #1 & #4).

7. Does not get personally messy or spoil a place or the environment while satisfying (= eating) his or her liking (= chocolate).

-YUM !

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