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Chinese whispers

Definition: (British English) The situation when information is passed from one person to another and gets slightly changed each time.

* All eight elements would be in.

1. Purposeful and/or done intentionally.

2. No direct benefit or loss to who altered information.

3. Main fact or material detail of info remains intact (to emphasize).

4. An apology is never offered for the alteration(s) made.

See perfect TOUCH (7).

5. New version will be presented as an 'original' (connect to #4).

6. Recipient will not be in a position to immediately confirm the authenticity of information, when initially received.

7. Alterations cannot return information to it original form, no matter the number or nature of the slight change(s).

8. Information in new state still serves some purpose(s).

See perfect CHANGE (1).

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