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Cheat sheet

Definition: (informal) A set of notes to help you remember important information, especially one taken secretly into an exam room.

* All five or six elements, as applicable, would be in.

1. Purposeful - to cheat!, even if it turns out unnecessary.

2. Notes are or could be useful or usable.

a. Writing is clear and is readable - in whatever 'formula'.

b. Information is relevant to the question(s).

c. Not misplaced in the hall.

d. Not seized or discovered by the invigilator.





3. Set of notes is used. That is, information smuggled into hall is used in answering question(s).

4. Information is not shared with another candidate, if any.

5. Pass mark or grade obtained in the exam is as hoped (cheated) for.

6. Dishonesty is never admitted in the future! (Unless under legal compulsion!)

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