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Chamber pot

Definition: A round container that people in the past had in the bedroom and used for urinating in at night.

* All eight elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary (connect to #2, see definition).

2. There is a basis for use - lack of toileting facilities, fear, ill health, old age, etc.

3. The opening of the pot is of the right dimensions. That is, the mouth is wide enough to ensure that excrement, feaces or urine does not spill onto other things.

4. Depth of pot is appropriate. That is, container can never overflow!

5. Pot has a lid that is always in place, once not in use.

6. Pot, if used at night, is emptied at first light!

7. Pot is clean, neat and kept tidy, whenever not in sustained use.

8. Container is stored in the right place (to emphasize).

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