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Certificate (2)

Definition: An official document proving that you have completed a course of study or passed an exam; a qualification obtained after a course of study or exam.

* All five or six elements, as applicable, would be in.

* This is about the document, not the (a) qualification.

1. Purposeful and necessary.

2. Earned. That is, grade or score written in it can be 'upheld' by holder. In other words, during course of study and research, practicals, assignment, project, examination, etc.:

a. No plagiarism.

b. No error in marking scripts by teacher/lecturer.

c. No cheating in the examination hall.

d. No mistake in the grading of academic work.

e. No error during the compilation of academic work.






3. Document is useful or used. That is, work, employment, engagement, contract, pride or satisfaction, further studies, etc. can be, or is, secured with the document.

4. (Reserved.) (Document is protected safely. That is, certificate is original, not a photocopy, duplicate, triplicate, etc.)

5. Document has no error by way of misspelled name, course of studies, class or grade, etc. And writing on the certificate, or handwriting, if applicable, is readable!

6. Paper, that is, the certificate and whatever is written therein, is backed by the good character of the holder. (To emphasize.)

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