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Carelessness (3)

Definition: A state of being not at all worried about something.

* Only examples:

a. Not acknowledging your Creator. Or godlessness.

b. Filthiness or uncleanliness.

c. Bad behaviour or misbehaviour.

d. Lawlessness or perpetrating illegality.

e. Drunkenness or DUI or rough driving.

f. Being thriftless or wastefulness.

g. Dereliction of duty or betrayal.

h. Nonchalance or shoddiness or recklessness.

i. Unguarded playfulness or meaningless actions.

j. Hopelessness or unbelief.

k. Inattentiveness or absent-mindedness.

l. A nonperformance or underachieving.

m. Attempted fraud, attempted rape, attempted burglary, attempted suicide, attempted robbery, attempted murder etc.

See perfect CARELESSNESS (1).

n. Unsafe or unprotected sex.

o. Lying, cheating, gimmickry, etc.

p. Disrespect or disregard.

q. Unjustified unconcern or disinterest.

r. Maladministration or incompetence.

s. Overindulgence or being excessive.

t. Making unsubstantiated allegations, accusations.

u. Lack or purpose or absence of focus.

v. Selfishness or self-absorption.

w. Tomfoolery or foolishness.

x. Impatience, needless hurry, etc., etc.

y. Overdose. Overeating. Overexposure. Overthinking. Overkill. Overwork.

z. Self-delusion or self-deception.

See perfect CARELESSNESS (2).

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