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Car pool (1)

Definition: A group of car owners who take turn to drive everyone in the group to work, so that only one car is used at a time.

* All ten elements would be in.

1. Purposeful - cost saving (what camaraderie?!).

2. Necessity, that is, vital to 'manage' as a result of the member's economic conditions (connect to #1).

3. Model and/or state of pooled cars are all the same or similar. That is, each car offers approximately the same level of comfort (or discomfort!?).

4. Distance covered by each car every time (= trip) is same. (To emphasize.)

5. Ownership status for all the cars are the same.

6. All the cars are insured, equipped the same way, etc. (connect to #3).

7. Absence of car owner does not imply that his or her car will not be used on due day(s).

8. Cost of fixing a problem with car, if any, while being used by the collective, is shared equally amongst them.

9. Pool members do not quarrel inside car during a trip to and from work!

10. Arrangement achieves objective(s) as exactly hoped for. That is, journeys to and from work go well, each time, for members in the pool.

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