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Thinking distance


i. The distance a vehicle travels in the time it takes for the driver to apply the brakes after realising they need to stop.

ii. (informal) The space between two moving vehicles, one behind the other, which are going forward, in the same direction, generally in the same lane, and especially on a carriageway.

* All six elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary for the drivers. And both being aware of the situation or arrangement.

Tried and tested.

2. Length of distance specific and identifiable, i.e. nothing covers the grounds between vehicles. In other words, vehicle following behind is able to see the portion of the road the vehicle ahead passed over.

High horse riders.

3. Space is deemed or considered as adequate, in the drivers opinions, to enhance manoeuvrability. That is, distance surely measurable and/or assessable. In other words, enough to accommodate breaking distance.

Intelligence; insight.

4. Control of space is within the authority of both drivers, ensuring no vehicle comes between them.

Nauseousness, et cet era.

5. Other road users not put at risk as a direct consequence of the driving tactic or method adopted, particularly if none of vehicle is blowing a siren or flashing light to clear the way for a smooth drive.

Knowledgeable, experienced.

6. Provision and availability of space serves purpose(s); achieves objective(s), night or daytime, short or long distance, and with or without honking. That is, thought processes are concluded all through.







Quote: "The two most important warriors are patience and time". - Leo Tolstoy.

SLOW. safe.

Quotation: "What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals". - Henry David Thoreau.

FAST. safe.

Quotable quote: "Beware of time because it has the answers". - African proverb.

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