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Capital levy

Definition: An exceptional, nonpermanent tax on property and assets, usually involving payment out of capital to deal with an emergency such as war. Levies may also be imposed in order to secure some redistribution of income and wealth.

* All eight elements would be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary (see definition, to emphasize).

2. Has the force of law and can therefore be fully enforced.

3. Correctly calculated, whatever the rate or percentage used.

4. Collected in good time as would be decided by the authority.

5. Collection will be considered as adequate, supplemented or not.

6. Money will be judiciously managed to advance cause being pursued.

7. The national economy will not suffer a loss as a direct consequence.

8. The government that imposes and collects levy will not lose the next election, if ...

8. See perfect ADMINISTRATION (6).

7. See perfect NEGATIVE EQUITY (2).

6. See perfect MISMANAGEMENT.


4. See perfect FLIGHT OF CAPITAL.

3. See perfect INNOVATIVENESS.

2. See perfect JUSTIFICATION.

1. See perfect SERIOUSNESS.

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