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Cant (1)
CANT (1)

Definition: Statements, especially about moral or religious issues, that are not sincere and that you cannot trust.

* All six elements should be in.

1. Purposeful, for who makes them, even if you (= hearer) do not know.

2. Presented and/or issued by the 'appropriate' authority!

3. Statements have no moral or religious premise or basis.

4. Never admitted as insincere. That is, statements are always cloaked as 'gospel' or truth (to emphasize).

5. Taken seriously at first reading or hearing or contact.

6. Statement has a semblance of sincerity, that is, leads to an action or reaction from you, until a realization that it is falsehood sets in. That is, statement serves some purpose(s).

See perfect sarcasm.

See perfect hypocrite.

See perfect play-acting.

See perfect insincerity.

See perfect short-sightedness (2).

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