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Great question

Definition: (informal) (usually - ... a great question) A question that calls for much insight and intellection on the part of who is asked.

* All nine elements would be in.


1. Top. Purposeful and necessary for the asker.

2. Hot. Unexpected and somewhat unprepared for.

3. New. Conjectures, guesses, etc. dominate response or answer.

4. Gut. Interesting with the likely answer(s) blowing in the wind.

5. Get. Details contained in answer incomplete.

6. Own. Promptly or immediately responded to, rightly or wrongly.

7. Wow. Response or reply is difficult to fault or impeach now.

8. One. Impossible to prevaricate at moment in time.*

9. SOS. Answer ends the search for 'knowledge'.**


* Not an academic or a rhetorical question.

** Even though there's no universal answer.

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