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Ganger (2)


i. A hot chic who eludes to is interested in sex with multiple sex partners, an orgy. A young female whose appearance and/or behavior lends itself to an orgy. Someone who looks beautiful but is nonetheless a slut, or who you wished was a slut. [from The Urban Dictionary.]

ii. A girl who gets all dressed up to go to the shops, short skirts, big loop earrings overdone make up and more than likely under the age of 15. [Urban Dictionary.]

* All eight elements would be in.

* For definition (ii) only, please.

1. Has a purpose and necessity for the choices made, disclosed or not.

2. The clothes or dresses are all owned, by the wearer (to emphasize).

3. Not embarrassed or ashamed, whoever she might meet on the way.

4. Too tempting for a 'he-goat' not to notice (see definition).

5. One-track mind at the time, even if not willing to succumb.

6. She will achieve her objective(s), whatever this/these be.

7. And returns with virginity intact, if... (connect to #5).

8. Yet focused on her goal, i.e., won't let style distract.

See perfect SLIT-SKIRT.

See perfect VICTIMHOOD.

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