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Definition: The month of a wife's lying-in, confinement to bed prior to childbirth.

* Parts of two, or all of one, of the dozen, of and in any year.

Week 1.

.J. Expected Date of Delivery rightly estimated.

O. Purpose established.

Y. Necessity understood.

Week 2.

H. Antenatal? To be indoors then.

O. Coitus not justifiable therein.

P. Cravings still on, but reducing.

E. Preferred diet recommended and served mother-to-be.

Week 3.

W. Becomes more domineering over servant, if any.

O. Treated gallantly by who put her in family way.

R. Thinking or planning how to regain shape after.

R. Getting away with errors and mistakes or gaffes.

Y. Ready for an emergency such as premature birth.

Week 4.

C. Infant's arrival being awaited, preparations completed.

R. Hospital or place to be delivered of baby surely known.

A. Prepartum depression sets in, especially if and/or when...

N. Hubby, or father-to-be, is assuredly nearby, just in case...

K. Prayers, for safe delivery, taken most serious this period.

Y. Ready for the labour room; expecting her waters to break.


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