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Afterthought (1)


i. A thing that is thought of, said or added later, and is often not carefully planned.

ii. Something else that is done or said after a thing as an addition, perhaps without careful thought.

* All six elements would be in.

1. Purposeful for doer, talker, speaker, loudmouth, etc.

2. Considered a necessity, even as thing is not carefully thought through, to take extra action or to make additional comment(s).

3. Act or utterance will be directly connected or linked to earlier act, action or talk, commentary.

4. What is done or said is firm, clear, concise and complete; actively performed or strongly mentioned.

5. Action or speech will not be withdrawn or apologized for, whatever the changed or changing circumstance in the future.

6. Usually regretted, even if not expressly indicated or publicly admitted (See definition, connect to #5).


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