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Call girl

Definition: A prostitute who makes her arrangements by telephone.

* All seven elements would be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary - the style.

Survival - bills to pay. Or indulgence to partake in. (?)

2. Truthful! That is, conducts a honest conversation with prospective 'lover' (= client, customer, 'shag mate').

Self-respecting, self-confident. (?)

3. Includes the telephone charge in her final bill !

Smart, sensible, worldly, street-wise.

4. Does not give prospective customer(s) a 'peek' into her prowess.

No telephone sex, no heavy breathing !

5. Turns out, in 'looks department', as she claimed or exactly as she appeared in the 'postcard' (if a new customer!). (Connect to #2.)

Her place or yours or a neutral 'love nest' ?

6. She has no disease(s) or infection(s) or hang-ups! That is, will give and/or take anything, and everything, as agreed, but only if or once the price is right.

True: a 'professional' !

7. Serves purpose(s), as hoped for by the client(s). (Connect to #6.)

* Walks the talk.

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