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Power of resilience

Definition: (informal) The influence and impact of being resilient.

* All twelve elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary for who is strong-willed.

2. Objective, or aim, is specific and identifiable.

3. Foundation or basis is real and true; genuine.

4. Efforts put in measurable and/or assessable.

5. Focus always fixed or without distraction.

6. Price & sacrifice involved will be paid.

7. Respect for process not denied or flouted.

8. Responsibility not shirked in pursuit of aim.

9. Resourcefulness not halted; so regularly tries.

10. Continuing for as long as healthy and/or active.

11. Serving purpose(s) - maintaining needed struggle.

12. After-effect or consequence not considered a loss.

100%. Sweat. Labour. ALL GOOD.

75%. Hoping, waiting. HANG IN.

50%. Hard work, truly. STAY ON.

25%. Tolerate & believe. JUST BE.

1%. Inaction & inactive. DREAMER.

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