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Definition: A person who totally abstains from alcoholic drinks.

* All nine elements should and would be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary in the teetotaler's opinion.

2. Footing or basis for abstinence not questionable... not money.

3. Knows all the bad and negative effects of alcoholism.

4. Never accepts any rationalization or a justification... whichever.

5. Not a secret drinker (to emphasize, see definition).

6. Does not replace 'vice' with some other similar one... as smoking.

7. Misses nothing from decision made, NO to temptation.

8. Not going to judge or condemn those quaffing drinks... sensible.

9. Encourages other to stop, refrain, desist therefrom.

Doesn't need trouble.

NOT YESTERDAY... No 'hangover'.

Called whatever name.

NOT NOW/TODAY... No self-loathing.

Keeps 'good' company.

NOT TOMORROW... No drunkenness.

What social drinking?

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