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Butcher (1)

Definition: A person whose job is cutting up and selling meat in a shop/store or killing animals for this purpose.

* All eleven elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary.

2. Person kills the right animal(s).

3. Person does the job efficiently and effectively.

a. Respects the rights of the animal before slaughter.

b. Kills animal lovingly and time, not with 'gleeful cruelty'.

c. No injury to a third party (= man or animal) in the course of work.

d. Observes cultural, traditional, religious, etc. rites and tenets, as applicable.

e. Uses clean tools (= knife(s), gloves, etc.)

f. Cuts into appropriate sizes/dimensions.

g. Uses a butcher's block.



See perfect BUTCHERY (2).
Below the Line
1. Person is not a vegetarian!

2. Person does not practice bestiality!!

3. Person is not an animist!!!

See perfect ANIMAL RIGHTS.

further below the line

1. Person is clean, neat and tidy (and keeps the environment and immediate surroundings neat as well, especially after killing the animal).

2. Does not mistakenly cut finger(s), hand, etc. in the course of work (= killing and cutting).

3. Person adds nothing unauthorized, such as a preservative, to meat on killing animal (to emphasize).

See perfect ABATTOIR.

much further below the line

1. Person 'pays' for any meat taken for personal consumption.

2. Activity achieves objective(s), exactly as hoped for.

See perfect MEAL (1).

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