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Lucky loser (1)

Definition: A sports player who loses a match in the qualifying round of a knockout tournament, but who then enters the main draw when another player withdraws after the tournament has started because of illness, injury, or other reasons.

* All six elements should be in.

1. Loss suffered - in the qualifying round - was gallant.

2. Withdrawal was based on true footing - not 'arranged'.

3. Player to be invited was practising still - a professional.

4. Performs to the best of his or her ability during competition.

5. Career will be enhanced as a direct result of entering main draw.

6. Contact not made with who withdrew, especially to share win, if any.


Quote: "You have never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you". - John Bunyan.

See perfect LUCKY LOSER (2).

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