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Burnout (1)

Definition: The state of being extremely tired or ill, either physically or mentally, because you have worked too hard.

* All nine elements would be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary, realized or not.

2. 'Natural', that is, tiredness or illness is not the result of illicit substances taken into the system in the course of trying to accomplish task(s). (See #3.)

3. What took away your strength and health was a legal, noble, ennobling, moral, etc. endeavour.

See perfect TIREDNESS (1).
Below the Line
4. Hard work produced the desired result(s) (= output). That is, work or stage attained was finished before the tiredness or illness set in. In other words, no unfinished business.

5. State of tiredness is not being disturbed or illness is being appropriately treated (connect to #6).

6. Tiredness or illness lasts for an appropriate period.

See perfect TIREDNESS (2).

further below the line

7. No inducement or enticement can get 'lazybones' or 'the sick' (= you) up. (To emphasize, see definition.)

See perfect OVERWORK.

much further below the line

8. State serves purpose(s) (connect to #5 & #9).

9. On regaining strength or on recovering from illness, you are back to your previous 'excellent' state of healthiness - ready to work hard again, if needed.

See perfect LAZYBONES.

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