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Kill (3)
KILL (3)

Definition: A ball impossible to return (lawn tennis).

* All five elements must be in.

1. Deliberately played by the opponent with hope that a return of ball will not be possible.

2. Compelling desire to attempt moving toward ball won't be had by who should return.

3. Speed or pace of ball - slow or fast - catches player expected to return off-guard.

4. Reflex action of the legs or of a hand holding the racket, to move, surely not going to occur.

5. Inability to return ball earns an opponent a point or a deserved advantage therein.


See perfect BODY ENGLISH.

See perfect USAIN BOLT.

See perfect LUCKINESS.

See perfect JUMP (1).

1. DROP SHOT ... a far distance ... ain't that quick. skill is SEEN.

2. ACE ... moving too fast. 'GONE' past.

3. NET-CORD BALL ... not prepared for (earned by opponent with an apology) ... won't be fun, as energies might have been dissipated or wasted. GAWD. DAMN.

4. LOB ... too high up now. 'AWAY' outa.

5. BODY SHOT ... sure shocking ... can't react hence. too LATE.

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