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Keratinisation (3)

Definition: (jocularly) Becoming horny (changing to and turning hard).

* All seven elements would be in.

E. WHY? Thought purposeful and necessary.

R. WHAT? Who makes hard has developed a one-track mind.

E. WET !! Imaginations and imaginings active.

C. WHEN? Develops or becomes hard gradually and easily.

T. WRY? Continuing to a 'hard enough' level.

E. WANK. Responded to before made to become soft again.

D. WOW !! Leads to no serious unplanned loss.

Up. See perfect KAMA (2).

Big. See perfect BUTCH (2).

Grow. See perfect YANKER (2).

'Stiff'. See perfect AROUSAL (2).

Turgid. See perfect BECOMING (2).

Hardest. See perfect BLUNDERER (2).

Erection. See perfect BROKENNESS (2).

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