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Cats pyjamas

Definition: (slang) (usually written - the cat's pyjamas) The very thing that is wanted.

* All nine elements should be in.

* Whole or in part, dead or alive.

1. Specific and identifiable. WHATSOEVER.

2. Purposeful and necessary - will be usable or useful.

3. Measurable and/or assessable. WHICHEVER.

4. Considered as real or realistic - not a confusing thing.

5. Believed safe and ennobling, if got. WHENEVER.

6. Reachable and/or affordable - can be obtained/secured.

7. Within this earth, not in the hereafter. WHEREVER.

8. Clearly not belonging to another - not one to be fought over, unless a resounding victory over the rightful and/or legal owner is assured.

9. Permanent in nature; fixed, 'unchanging'. HOWEVER.




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