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Goat (4)
GOAT (4)

Definition: (acronym for - Greatest Of All Time) (of a sportsperson) The one who is unquestionably the best in his or her event or sport.

* All nine elements must be in.

1. Enjoyed sports to the fullest... healthy all through those active years.

2. Defeats were few and far between.

3. Involved in only single sport... not a member of a team or a group.

4. Never accused of substance abuse.

5. Question is never asked now... about 'qualification' for accolade.

6. Records yet standing at this moment.

7. Conduct outside arena real great... the quintessential role model.

8. Others cannot come close in future.

9. Comparisons made very accurate... first and apparently only equal.



Immortal. Impactful.



See perfect USAIN BOLT.

See perfect MUHAMMAD ALI.


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