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Caking (2)


i. Being abnormally sweet to someone you are "interested" in.

ii. Excessive flirting.

iii. Talking to a boy/girl for hours. On end.

iv. To talk for long hours on the phone with your honey, lover, or to talk on the phone with the person you will eventually have sex with.

v. Paying way too much attention to a particular female (flirting, talking to/about her all the time, dropping the L word in public, being real cutesy, always making out).

vi. PDA (public display of affection).

vii. Used to describe either excessive flirting or kissing.

* [All seven definitions by The Urban Dictionary.]

* All seven elements would be in.

1. Believed purposeful and necessary by and for who does 'excessive'.

2. Subject of affection or desire would have been previously known.

3. Denial of the obsession would be rife and/or prevalent herein.

4. Impossible to turn down a reasonable demand of the 'target'.

5. Presenting only the good and nice side of the two parties.

6. Continuing or sustained for as long as lust is not over.

7. Affordability of what is involved would be no problem. That is, a free time, spare resources, adequate energy, etc. would be possessed by who tries to get fresh on phone or physical with lover or partner. In other words, duty is not shirked during period, bills on calls are paid, sexual performance (if applicable), would be worth the efforts.

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