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Definition: (British English) A book containing street maps of all the areas of a large city.

* All five elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary, whether used or not.


2. All streets in the area and the outskirts, are listed. That is, all the closes, boulevards, crescents, drives, roads, etc., of large city, are in book!


3. All relevant data and features - parks, arcades, police posts, hospitals, post office, banks, bridges, etc., if any, - are also in book (connect to #2).

Below the Line
4. Print is clear, that is, book is very readable. In other words, colour(s), font or spacing, etc., are all appropriate.


5. Maps are correct and drawn to scale! That is, maps are drawn by a cartographer or cartographers! In other words, they are technically excellent, with directions, distances, etc., as necessary.