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Brain death

Definition: Very serious damage to the brain that cannot be cured. A person who is suffering from brain death needs machines to keep them alive, even though their heart is still beating.

* All five elements would be in.

1. Ill/sick person or the person(s) looking after this 'patient' have seemingly not given up on a miracle even as one (miracle) is very unlikely to happen (see definition).

2. Serious and expensive, but unsuccessful attempts at a cure were made (connect to #1).

3. Machines are in top conditions, that is, all working effectively, 24/7, non-stop; without the probability of a malfunction!

'DEAD', (alive)
Below the Line
4. Machines are never switched off. That is, natural death is what is awaited (though never prepared for?!).

YET, SOMEWHAT ... (somehow)

further below the line

5. Refusal to switch off machines achieves some objective(s) for the 'carer(s)', relation(s), medical staff, 'cabal', etc. - but certainly not for the dying! (To emphasize.)

'ALIVE'. (dead)

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