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Brain (4)

Definition: (informal) An intelligent person.


See perfect intelligence (1).

See perfect intelligence quotient.

See perfect thoroughness.

See perfect Ph.D.

See perfect scholar.

See perfect smart alec.

See perfect genius (1).

See perfect genius (2).

Quote: "Sometimes the organ that needs the most care and restoration is the brain. If you're a very driven person who has no patience for an unproductive day, what you might really need is...an unproductive day. No to-do list. No phone. No computer. It's akin to giving your muscles a day off from weight training to rebuild and come back stronger. If a whole day seems nuts, make it a couple of hours and do something that seems like a complete waste of time. Take an easy walk on the lawn with a book, or people-watch in a cafe". - Culled from "The New Health Rules".

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