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Advance (3)

Definition: Money paid for work before it has been done or money paid earlier than expected.

* All seven elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary for payer.

2. Prearranged or agreed beforehand.

3. Correct sum or amount (connect to #2 above the line).

See perfect PAYMENT (1).
Below the Line
4. Money is not fake (cash) or dud (cheque).

5. Work will be done immediately on receipt of advance. That is, task is executed timely.


further below the line

6. Work will be done to the extent expected, whether halfway or fully, or as agreed (connect to #2 above the line).

7. Work for which payment has been received, in part or wholly, is or will be done well (connect to #5).

See perfect CONTRACT (1).

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