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Body odour

Definition: (abbreviation: BO) An unpleasant smell from a person's body, especially of sweat.

* All five elements should be in.

1. Purposeful - the sweat, not necessarily the smell !


2. The 'attractant'! [That which makes some person(s) 'come', again and again. And again!]

a. The ex.

b. The suitor.

c. The lover.

d. The spouse.

e. The pastor's wife.

f. The grass widow.

g. An old flame.



... OR YOURS !?
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3. Natural, that is, unpleasant smell is not brought about by the application of perfumes/sprays, etc., where possible.


4. Unpleasant smell lasts for a period that will be considered as tolerable (connect to #2). That is, cannot be criminalized !


further below the line

5. Smell cannot be completely gotten rid of.


much further below the line

6. Unpleasantness (of smell) serves purpose(s).


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