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Definition: (phrasal verb) (informal) If someone blurts something out, they say it suddenly after trying to hard to keep quiet or to keep it secret.

* All six elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary, for who finally speaks.

2. Pace of speaker's talk will be quicker than usual, even if stuttering.

3. Whatever is said will be the whole of the thing that was intended to be suppressed or kept hidden.

4. Articulation will bring no unplanned loss to who speaks out, even if utterance will be 'regretted' later. (Connect to #5.)

5. Some benefit or profit, gain or advantage, etc. would have been envisaged before decision to speak out was made.

6. What would be finally reluctantly said will be clearly heard by the right person or persons, even if this does not serve purpose(s).


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