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Definition: A stupid or careless mistake.

* All seven elements would be in.

1. Mistake is such that was not expected to be made by 'stupid' or 'careless' person or group.

2. Cannot be excused or justified as all that was required to avoid error was available, provided or obtainable. That is, the wherewithal and support needed to get thing right were not lacking.

3. Loss, disadvantage, embarrassment, etc. that would arise would be considerable and impossible to recoup, correct, etc.

4. Pleading, an apology or a restitution will not mean a thing, or suffice, or be acceptable, in the situation (connect to #6).

5. No hidden benefit, unplanned gain or advantage will be discovered afterwards, in situation (to emphasize).

6. No understanding for the mistake will be shown by a right-thinking person. That is, full sanction, appropriate punishment, etc., where required, will be meted out to who commits grievous error.

7. Stupidity or carelessness will surely sorely be regretted, even if not publicly admitted. And a hard lesson would be learned therefrom.

... worse than a howler !

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