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Bluff (3)

Definition: A bluffer, a person who bluffs (= misleads deliberately by pretending to be in a more favorable or advantageous position than one really is).

* All six elements would be in.

1. Has a purpose and thinks pretence necessary. But/and never declares the reason(s). SEEKS RELEVANCE.

2. Cannot do, or does not plan to attain, or be, or become what is claimed or being pretended. KNOWS JUST LITTLE.

3. Suffers from a lack of self-regard or an inadequacy that won't be admitted while making pretentious moves. POOR AT HEART.

4. Able to put up a bold face, especially if questioned or challenged concerning the (real) intentions. GOOD AT PLAY-ACTING.

5. Never puts self in danger or at risk - loses nothing - while trying to misdirect the other person or other people. VERY SMART STILL.

6. Quickly and sincerely apologises, or expresses a deep regret, etc. particularly if and when an attempt fails to achieve goal(s). WILL LIVE.

See perfect BLUFF (4).



Quote: "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results". - Benjamin Franklin.

Quote: "Opportunities don't often come along. So, when they do, you have to grab them". - Audrey Hepburn.

Quote: "You do not need to be different from who you are. You only need to be more of the person you already are". - Brian Tracy.

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