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Definition: Worship of oneself.

* All eight elements would be in.

1. Anger at, and/or disappointment with, some religion or a 'god' will be the causative factor.

2. Self-delusion will ascribe some purpose and necessity to the worship.

3. Autology would not be promoted or encouraged at the point in time.

4. Self-opinionated viewpoints and self-reverence reigns all through.

5. Auto-eroticism rules as response to expression of natural desires.

6. Self-criticism or self-examination cannot have a place in therein.

7. Personal physical body and individual principles will become a temple or object of worship.

8. Supplication is never offered to another 'god', and no mention of own name, if he/she prays.


ME ... Own Master.


HER ... That is Me.


ALONE ... Am.

See perfect DELUSIONIST (1).

See perfect DELUSIONIST (2).

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