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Definition: (informal) A short period of time when somebody does too much of a particular activity, especially eating or drinking alcohol.

* All nine elements would be in.

1. Person has a reason for engaging in excesses!

2. Extremism was of person's own freewill. That is, person is in a right frame of mind before the binging started.

Below the Line
3. Resources earmarked for 'madness' are owned, not borrowed.

4. Resources planned to be expended are not exceeded (connect to #3).

5. Activity is not the result of an illness (connect to #2).


further below the line

6. The extra time used for the activity is not a period meant for something else. That is, time spent to eat or drink excessively was a free period.

7. No illness arises from excesses, only the normal temporary inconvenience!


much further below the line

8. Overeating or too much drinking achieves goal(s) or serves purpose(s) for drinker/eater. (And what ought to be done after this period was still done or doable in the state!)

9. A lesson or lessons is/are learned from excesses afterwards (connect to #6, #7 & #8).


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