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Best practice

Definition: A way of doing something that is seen as a very good example of how it should be done and can be copied by other companies or organizations.

* All twelve elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary – excellence. (To emphasize).

2. Thing is positive and commendable, be it an activity or a process.

Below the Line
1. Thing is specific and identifiable.

2. Methodology is assessable and or measurable.

3. Endeavour is directed at an achievable end.

4. Thing is real or realistic.


5. Thing is approved, legal. And should be shared!

6. Way or manner of doing thing is current and modern; up–to–date.

7. Thing is, or processes are, done fully, completely or wholly.

8. All that will be done will be by genuine, real and true efforts.


9. Processes and/or activities are value-conscious and standard-driven - A-class, top-grade (connect to #6).

10. Way can still be improved upon (connect to #9).


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